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HSCie is an independent M&A advisory firm for the sale and acquisition of companies, capital placement, divestment of minority interests, mergers and equity transactions.

Our service portfolio covers everything from transaction initiation and evaluation of companies, search for equity investments and marketing them to investors, to negotiation and process management until closing of the deal.

We have what it takes: transaction experience, problem solving skills and extensive contacts to investors, also through our worldwide SOCIUS Global M&A partnership.

Throughout the entire transaction process, we remain consistent and unwavering, never losing sight of the true objective of the transaction: adding value for our clients.

Our success proves us right: We boast many enthusiastic clients and successful transactions as well as high closure rates, even when the starting position was complicated.

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Initiation of Transactions

We carry out systematic research for you, for takeover targets or potential buyers and investors, and we approach them with well thought-out convincing propositions.

You benefit from our extensive network of companies, financial service providers, brokers, investors, consultants as well as our SOCIUS Global partnership with collaborations throughout Europe, the US, Asia, South America and Africa.



Management of Due Diligence Review

We organize and monitor the due diligence review, both for acquisitions and sales processes.

We precisely define the tasks for the respective experts, record the relevant information from their reports, integrate it into the project master plan, and create a realistic overview of the status quo and future chances and risks of the target object.



Development of Equity Story

We identify and highlight the specific strengths of your company, using this to create a positioning which optimizes its value for the respective group of buyers.


Evaluation of Target Company

We estimate the achievable transaction value based on professional market analysis and comparables and assess the expected length of time of the contemplated transaction.

We analyze the commercial positioning, financial situation and other relevant circumstances, and thereby also assess their relevance for your negotiating positions throughout the transaction process.



Execution of Transaction Process

We organize and coordinate the overall transaction process and ensure its efficiency, by planning the necessary work modules and process steps, and managing the communication with the counterparties.

As organizers and drivers of the project, we create sensible solutions for roadblocks, prepare thoroughly for upcoming decision points, and continuously seek to optimize your negotiating position.



Negotiations of the Transaction

We identify the contentious issues in detail and negotiate all relevant terms of the transaction with the objective of achieving the best possible result for you.

Throughout the process, we pursue your interests relentlessly. We define timing and scope of company visits, due diligence reviews and management discussions, thereby not losing sight of the always important tactical aspects, and probe the transaction partner’s ultimate resistance line with tenacity also by keeping up the competitive pressure and negotiation risk.



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