Westfalia Landtechnik acquired Hugonnet S.A. from Dynaction S.A.

We advised Westfalia

HSCie Customer

Westfalia Landtechnik GmbH, Oelde, Germany
Westfalia Landtechnik is a world leader in agricultural and milking systems.

Companies involved

Dynaction S.A., Paris, France
Dynaction is a publicly-listed financial holding with portfolio companies in the sectors of engineering and plant construction, industrial products, special chemicals and learning aids.


Acquisition of Hugonnet S.A., Dijon, France, a manufacturer of machines and components for milking systems.


HSCie advised on the valuation and due diligence and conducted the negotiations.

Year: 1998
Transaction value: Not published
Industry: Engineering and plant construction
Business field: Mergers & Acquisitions

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