SPX Corporation acquired Löwener Maschinen from V. Löwener

We advised SPX

HSCie Customer

SPX Corporation, Muskegon, USA
SPX is a Fortune 500 company with activities in the areas of automotive supply, workshop equipment, cooling systems and laboratory equipment.

Companies involved

Löwener Group, Copenhagen, Denmark
Löwener is a wholesaler for workshop equipment, technical devices and machines.


SPX Corporation bought Löwener Maschinen GmbH, Cologne, from the Löwener Group. Löwener Maschinen is a manufacturer and supplier of special tools for automobiles of the Ford Motor Company.


HSCie advised on the decision-making process, valuation, due diligence and negotiations.

Year: 1993
Transaction value: Not published
Industry: Industrial products
Business field: Mergers & Acquisitions

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