SGI Japan sold David Systems to the management and private investors

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SGI Japan Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
SGI Japan Ltd. was founded in 1987 as a subsidiary of Silicon Graphics, Inc. which revolutionized the Hollywood film industry. Since then, SGI-J has developed highly advanced solutions in the field of computer graphics and high-performance computing technologies as a world-leading, innovative company.

Companies involved

DAVID Systems
DAVID Systems has been developing software products and technology for the broadcast market since 1991, with a focus on radio, TV, and associated Internet services. DAVID stands for Digital Audio & Video Integration & Development. The broad product portfolio represents all fields in a typical broadcast workflow from multimedia production to data ex-change and file transfer through to play-out and broadcast process control.


SGI Japan Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, has sold its international IT broadcast operations headquartered in Germany to the DAVID management and a private investor as part of its strategy to further strengthen its core business of high performance computing.


HSCie advised on the valuation and conducted the negotiations.

Year: 2009
Transaction value: Not published
Industry: Media
Business field: Mergers & Acquisitions

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