Leitz acquired CSE Systems

We advised Leitz

HSCie Customer

Louis Leitz KG, Stuttgart, Germany
Louis Leitz KG is the inventor of the Leitz lever arch file and a market leader for filing products under the brand name Leitz in Germany.

Companies involved

Constantia AG, Vienna, Austria
Constantia is a large private company in Austria, which abandoned its IT activities after re-focusing on its core business. Constantia developed the Ski Data Group, amongst other things.

CSE Systems GmbH
CSE Systems, Klagenfurt, was a market leader in the field of workflow software. Its product was used by Deutsche Telekom, amongst others.


Acquisition of CSE Systems, Klagenfurt, by a subsidiary of Louis Leitz KG. The aim of the transaction was to transfer the Leitz brand to electronic archiving. The acquisition of a leading company in the workflow segment represented a significant milestone.


HSCie advised with Louis Leitz KG on the acquisition process regarding, amongst others, valuation, due diligence and negotiations.

Year: 1997
Transaction value: Not published
Industry: TMT/IT/Internet
Business field: Mergers & Acquisitions

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