GEA sold GWU to Balcke-Dürr

We advised GEA

HSCie Customer

GEA AG, Bochum, Germany
GEA is a publicly listed company that manufactures machines and plants for process and heating systems.

Companies involved

Balcke Dürr GmbH, Ratingen, Germany
Balcke Dürr is a leading manufacturer of machines and plants for heating and environmental technology.


Sale of GWU GEA Wärme und Umwelttechnik, Ratingen, to Balcke Dürr GmbH.


HSCie advised on the search for a buyer, valuation and due diligence and conducted the negotiations.

Year: 1998
Transaction Value: Not published
Industry: Engineering and plant construction
Business Field: Mergers and Acquisitions

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