FAM was sold to Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, Interool and Management

We advised FAM

HSCie Customer

Treuhandanstalt, Berlin, Germany
The Treuhand Agency is the successor to the now dissolved ownership company of the former state-owned factories and operations of the GDR (East Germany).

Companies involved

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, Frankfurt, Germany
The Deutsche Beteiligungs AG is one of the leading investments company in Germany.

Interroll AG Antonino, Switzerland
Interroll is an international manufacturer of handling components and systems, especially of rollers.


The Treuhand Agency sold the FAM Förderanlagen Magdeburg GmbH, to a consortium made up of its management, Deutsche Beteiligung AG and Interroll. FAM specializes in large handling systems.


HSCie consulted with the Treuhand Agency in the acquisition process regarding, amongst others, valuation, due diligence and negotiations.

Year: 1993
Transaction value: Not published
Industry: Engineering and plant construction
Business field: Mergers & Acquisitions

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