Dieckmann sold its sugar beet business to Strube

We advised Dieckmann

HSCie Customer

Unternehmensgruppe Dieckmann, Sülbeck, Germany
Dieckmann is a well-established medium-sized German company for plant breeding. After the transaction Dieckmann will be breeding hybrid rapeseed, wheat, barley and rye at its Sülbeck site and will sell those seeds in Germany and abroad.

Companies involved

Strube Group, Söllingen, Germany
Strube is an independent German plant breeding company and will continue the brand Strube-Dieckmann.


After a successful cooperation lasting over 40 years, the Strube and Dieckmann companies decided to bundle sugar beet activities in a single company as a result of the European sugar market regime. The Strube Group is purchasing the sugar beet seed division of its cooperation partner Dieckmann.


As a corporate finance consultant, Hübner Schlösser & Cie provided Johannes Dieckmann and his group with critical support during all phases of the transaction.

Year: 2008
Transaction value: Not published
Industry: Basic materials
Business field: Mergers & Acquisitions

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