Cevikalp Holding sold 50% of PKM Packaging GmbH to Trigon Equity Partners

We advised PKM Packaging GmbH

HSCIE client

Cevikalp Holding GmbH, Pirmasens
Cevikalp is the holding company of PKM Packaging GmbH, previously owned by Deniz Cevikalp as the sole shareholder.

Companies involved

PKM Packaging GmbH, Pirmasens
PKM develops, manufactures and distributes technologically advanced packaging machines and packaging lines customized for specific customer requirements, particularly for secondary and tertiary packaging. PKM was founded in 1996. The company was taken over by Deniz Cevikalp after a spin-off from a larger group of companies in 2011.


Trigon Equity Partners GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
Trigon Equity Partners is a holding company specialized in medium-sized enterprises with a revenue of € 10 to 250 million in German-speaking countries. Trigon acquires industry, trade and the service companies in growth, succession or restructuring situations.


Deniz Cevikalp, previous sole shareholder, sold 50 percent of the PKM Packaging GmbH shares held by a holding company to Trigon Equity Partners, Frankfurt.PKM Packaging GmbH is a fast-growing special machinery enterprise based in Pirmasens. PKM Packaging GmbH’s equity base is considerably strengthened by the entry of Trigon. The shareholders will now jointly and actively support the planned organic and anorganic growth process of the company.
Deniz Cevikalp will retain the position of CEO.


HSCie advised on the valuation and conducted the negotiations.

Year: 2012
Transaction value: Not published
Industry: Industrial products
Business Field: Mergers and Acquisitions

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