Büll & Liedke acquired VBS AG

We advised Büll & Liedke

HSCie Customer

Büll & Liedtke, Hamburg, Germany
Büll & Liedtke is a major commercial project developer and real estate owner with emphasis on northern Germany.

Companies involved

Textilgruppe Hof AG, Hof, Germany
The Textilgruppe Hof AG is a company involved in the production of textiles.

VBS AG, Hof, Germany
VBS AG was a subsidiary of Textilgruppe Hof AG. At the time of the acquisition, the original business activity, cotton yarning, had already been abandoned. Nevertheless, it continued to exist as a joint-stock company.


Büll & Liedtke acquired VBS AG in order to inject their existing real estate activities into the publicly listed company.


HSCie advised Büll & Liedtke. Amongst others, HSCie identified the target company and advised on valuation, due diligence and the negotiations.

Year: 1999
Transaction value: Not published
Industry: Real estate
Business field: Mergers & Acquisitions

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