Our Expertise:

M&A, sales and acquisition of companies, equity placements, investor processes

International Partners

Socius Corporate Finance

Socius Corporate Finance is a partnership of establised boutique investment banks from around the world whose primary focus is advising middle market companies. Socius professionals collaborate in monthly teleconferences and come together at least once each year to discuss their respective M&A markets, examine creative solutions employed to close transactions, and coordinate how to pool their collective resources for the benefit of their global clients.

ChinaPlus Capital

ChinaPlus Capital, with 125 years of cross border and industry experience, is committed to the success of these initiatives. The size and manner of ChinaPlus allows us to devote senior attention to all deals, while a comprehensive, common sense process assures that our clients’ goals are met in a timely, cost effective manner.


Icafin, located in Brussels, Belgium, is a boutique M&A advisory firm owned and operated by senior professionals focused on the middle market in Europe.

Noventus Partners

Noventus Partners is a corporate finance advisory firm founded in 2002 to provide clients with the depth and quality of corporate finance advice more often associated with larger transactions. The company is owned and staffed by its principals – each with a wealth of experience gained by work on a wide range of previous corporate finance transactions. Our principals have worked together prior to founding Noventus Partners and form a cohesive team.

Prestwick Partners

Prestwick Partners, based in Minneapolis, USA, is a boutique investment banking firm founded to provide middle-market companies with merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory services.

Trianon Corporate Finance

Trianon Corporate Finance, based in Paris, France, and Madrid, Spain, is managed by four seasoned partners with a track record of more than 60 middle-market transactions across a variety of sectors and countries.

Viability & Finance

Viability & Finance

Viability & Finance ist in den Bereichen M&A, Strategische Beratung und Firmen Einschätzung in den Branchen Landwirtschaft, Agrarwirtschaft (Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Fischerei und Viehhaltung), Nahrung, Baumaterialien, Kunststoffe und Plastik, Banken, Versicherungen und vielen anderen Bereichen tätig. Gegründet 1994 in Europa (Frankreich, Belgien und Luxemburg) ist Viability&Finance 1996 in Brasilien und 2012 in Kolumbien ins internationale Geschäft eingestiegen.. Mit soliden Resultaten hat das Team 17 M&A Transaktionen, mehr als 75 Einschätzungen, 19 strategischen Planungen und Greenfield Projekten beraten.