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IVG Immobilien acquires Asticus AB

We advised IVG

HSCie Customer

IVG AG, Bonn, Germany

IVG is a leading real estate corporation with a real estate portfolio located mostly in Germany, Belgium and France.


Companies involved

Asticus AB, Göteborg, Sweden

Asticus AB was founded in the wake of the real estate crisis in Sweden at the beginning of the 1990s to handle real estate outside Scandinavia, for example in Brussels, Paris and London.



IVG AG acquired nearly 100 percent of the Asticus AB shares and integrated them fully following a delisting on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The acquired real estate portfolio complemented the existing IVG AG portfolio and paved the way to IVG AG's internationalization.


HSCie advised IVG AG amongst others on valuation, due diligence and negotiations.

Year:  1999

Transaction value:  1.8 b DM

Industry:  Real estate

Business field:  Mergers & Acquisitions