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Barclays Private Equity sold Minimax to Investcorp

We advised Barclays Private Equity

HSCie Customer

Barclays Private Equity, London, UK

Barclays Private Equity, with offices in London, Munich, Paris and Milano, is one of Europe’s leading private equity firms.


Companies involved

Investcorp, New York, USA

Investcorp, with offices in London, New York and Bahrain, is one of the leading investment firms acting in the USA and Europe.



Sale of Minimax GmbH, a market leader for fire protection systems and a former subsidiary of Preussag AG, to Investcorp, which accepted the bid in a highly competitive auction.


HSCie conducted the sales process and advised on the search for a buyer, on validation, due diligence and negotiations.

Year:  2003

Transaction value:  Not published

Industry:  Engineering and plant construction

Business field:  Mergers & Acquisitions