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ABB sells business unit Sensycon to Merkur GmbH

We advised Merkur

HSCie Customer

Merkur GmbH, Kleinostheim, Germany

Merkur GmbH is an acquisition company of Heraeus Sensor-Nite GmbH, Kleinostheim, which manufactures temperature sensors based on platinum for various applications.


Companies involved

ABB Automation Products GmbH, Mannheim, Germany

ABB Automation Products is a part of ABB Group, an engineering and plant construction company operating worldwide.



Acquisition by Merkur GmbH of the Sensycon division, Alzenau, a manufacturer of sensors.


HSCie advised on the valuation and due diligence and conducted the negotiations.

Year:  2002

Transaction value:  Not published

Industry:  Industrial products

Business field:  Mergers & Acquisitions